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SUPAC Vibratory rollers

 Rune Sturesson was born in a small community in Southwestern Sweden. His interest in technology started to show early. Before the age of twelve he designed and built several pedal cars, a motor driven car, motor mower, etc. He graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Högre Tekniska Läroverket in Borås.

After working a year at an engineering consulting firm, he was employed at the engineering design department of JMV, a company whose products included road graders. In addition to graders, he also got experience with the design of steam turbines, centrifugal pumps and filled in as manager of the standardization department.

Nordverk – another grader manufacturing company – bought the right to manufacture JMV’s graders and Sturesson was offered employment in their engineering design department. 25 years old he was promoted to manage the design of graders and developed two entirely new models. The larger of these new models was selected, in competition with Volvo and others, when the Swedish Road Administration procured and bought 125 graders.

Sturesson took up employment as Chief Designer with Dynapac in Karlskrona and designed new tandem and single drum rollers. For short periods he worked at the subsidiary in USA.

After eight years with Dynapac, Sturesson founded the company Supac AB, which designs rollers. Prototypes of tandem rollers weighing 7 and 3 tonnes were manufactured and tested under extreme conditions of 500 hours. These rollers were capable of four different amplitudes and suitable for compaction of both asphalt and soil.

A Swedish company manufactured ten rollers on license. They later went bankrupt, which put an end to the cooperation.

A complete programme covering 50 different models has been designed since, boasting unique advantages such as a compaction meter whose feedback automatically controls the stepless vibration amplitude.

Several other products have also been designed, mainly in the fields of construction machinery and vehicles.

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